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HPL Gymnastics

HPL Gymnastics was formed when the gymnasts from Hope Park and Peter Lloyd were merged together.

Emma Simpson (Keelan), Clare Cooney (Keelan) and Helen Murdock (Bower) has been coaching in Hope Park since 2002, and when the previous coaches of Peter Lloyd retired after many years hard work in 2003, Emma was asked if she would take over at Peter Lloyd until a permanent replacement could be found.  She is still there, along with Clare, who had to help due to the number of gymnasts attending each session.  Nikki Clare (Dawes) also joined the team in 2007.

But don't worry, we are here to stay!  How could we possibly leave all you lovely, smiling gymnasts for some other poor coach! 

Session Information:

Sessions are held at Peter Lloyd Sports Centre, Bankfield Road, L13 0BQ

Session times:

 Day:  Time:  Participants:
 Saturday  8.45am to 9.45am  Session 1 gymnasts and new gymnasts aged 4 to 7
 Saturday  9.50am to 10.50am  Session 2 gymnasts and new gymnasts aged 8+
 Saturday  11am to 12pm  Session 3 gymnasts
 Saturday  12pm to 1pm  Session 4 gymnasts
 Saturday  1pm to 2pm  Tumbling session (any gymnasts who can back flic)
 Wednesday  4pm to 5pm  Junior Display Session (any session 3 or 4 gymnasts who can forward and backward walkover) *
 Wednesday  4.45pm to 6.45pm  Senior Display Sessions (invitation only)

* Please note, when working towards an event, the Wednesday Display session will be restricted to those participating in the event only. Please speak to one of the coaches to see if the session is currently open to new attendees.