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Club Leotards

The club leotard is made by 'The Zone' and can be purchased directly from them either online or by telephone.  The leotard is available in both sleeveless and long sleeved designs, so gymnasts can choose their preferred style (display gymnasts must have the sleeveless design).  By ordering direct with Zone, you will also get 10% discount off the purchase of the leotard, plus also shorts/leggings and hair scrunchie which match the leotard.  All prices shown exclude discounts.  Email hplgymnastics@yahoo.co.uk to obtain the discount code:



 Sizes 26-32

 Sizes 34+

 Sparkle Leotard:      




Sparkle Sleeveless Gymnastics Leotard

 Navy Bottoms:      
 Hipster shorties








 Cycle shorts




 Leggings (no link)




 Hair scrunchie




You can order any of the items by calling The Zone on 01706 368819 or by clicking on the required item, which will take you direct to the Zone website.  Also, please remember to order NAVY coloured items.