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Display Squad

The Display Squad formed in Febuary 2006, and originally was made up of a small group of Advanced Gymnasts looking to try out a new dicipline in gymnastics.  As well as performing in local displays and festivals, they also travel the country to perform in National Festivals.

In 2010 we introduced a new Junior Display Team as a stepping stone for gymnasts wanting to join the senior squad.  Any gymnasts in the intermediate or advanced sessions on a Saturday can train with the junior display team.  The only criteria for participating in some festivals is that they must be 12 and under in the year of the festival.  This doesn't mean that older gymnasts cannot come along to the session, as we do use the session as a stepping stone to reach the senior team.

In January 2013 we changed our Display Team Structure.  When it comes to events, the coaches will meet and decide which gymnasts will be invited to perform and represent the club.  These decisions will be based on the following: 

The event


       Type of event does it include long distance travel/overnight stays? E.g. Scotland trip

       Training time how long have we got to choreograph the routine? How soon is the event? When can we train for it?

       Event Specifics Can each Club enter more than one team or perform more than one routine? E.g. For Ministrada, clubs can enter several teams, whereas GymFusion only allows one routine per club (which is why we have to limit the amount of participants)


The gymnasts


       Attendance at training sessions (not just display sessions)

       Attendance at events (not just major festivals, but local events too)

       Gymnastic ability & presentation of dance

       Attitude (towards coaches and other gymnasts)

       Performance (at training and at past events)

       Effort (do they try their best at all times)

       Commitment (how long have they been actively part of the display squad)


Gymnasts selected to participate in the event will then be given an invitation.  For some events a reserve list will be created, and if any gymnasts cannot attend further invitations will be issued.


This new structure has been introduced to benefit the display team.  It will ensure more gymnasts get a chance to represent the club, and using the decision process gymnasts will be rewarded for hard work and commitment.  All display squad members that they must own the following club uniform to be used in displays as required; club leotard (short sleeved version), matching leggings/shorts (if required), full club tracksuit (navy bottoms and grey zoodie), club polo shirt, white socks, predominantly white trainers/pumps.  Further details of the club products can be found on the Club Uniform page.