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Club Clothing

The HPL Club Uniform consists of a Heather Grey Zoodie (zip-up hooded top), from 14,  French Navy Jogging bottoms and a French Navy Poloshirt, from 8.  The Zoodie and Poloshirt come with the Official HPL Logo printed on them, and can be personalised if required, and can be ordered from LiverPrint (details below).  The bottoms are plain navy, and can be bought anywhere.  All of these items will be required if gymnasts are performing in competitions and/or displays. 

Zip HoodieKid Polo

Alternatively, Liverprint have produced a more modern club uniform, which can be worn instead of the Zoodie and navy bottoms.  All display/competition gymnasts must still own the club polo shirt.  Crop top/vest top begin at 18, Leggings 20 and Jacket 22.  For anyone ordering a full set (a top, leggings and a jacket) will receive a free HPL String Bag.